"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

"Big modeling up front" (BMUF) is the desire to create comprehensive models of the requirements for a system, the analysis of those requirements, an architecture that fulfills those requirements, and eventually a detailed design" - This is an anti-pattern

"JEDI Programming – Just Enough Design Initially"

"SPOT - Single Point of Truth"

"Not Another Acronym" -

"Names tend to go through four stages: nonsense, accurate, precise, meaningful. Laziness or ignorance push us towards the left end of this spectrum, while with diligence we can move to the right"

"A class is just grouped functions that use shared variables" - Bob Martin

"If you muse use a switch statement, it should be on your own data, not on someone else's" - Refactoring, Martin Fowler

"The walking skeleton is not complete or robust (it only walks, pardon the phrase), and it is missing the flesh of the application functionality. Incrementally, over time, the infrastructure will be completed and full functionality will be added." Alistair

"A walking skeleton is different from a spike. A spike is “the smallest implementation that demonstrates plausible technical success.” The spike typically takes between a few hours and a few days to complete, and is thrown away afterward, since it was built with nonproduction coding habits. A spike serves to answer the question: Are we headed in the wrong direction?"