TDD'ing While loops

Today and yesterday has been about test driving a while loop. I've never really thought much about this. At first I thought it would be straightforward. How wrong I was..

Test driving my loop required creating a stub class, passing in stub data, stub methods and so on.  I plan on doing a more detailed blog post on this at a later date.

 Virtual keyword in C#

Today I also better understood 'virtual' keyword in C# and how it is used.

For example if you want a method to be available to be overriden in a derived class then you attach the 'virtual' keyword to the method signature and within the derrived method, you can use the 'override' keyword to override the method.

Perhaps I'm becoming a C# fanboy, but I prefer this approach than to how Java handles this concept.

Plans for tomorrow

My aim tomorrow is to setup travis for my C# Tic Tac Toe project and carry on with Tic Tac Toe in swift. A project that I have neglected for two weeks unfortunately.

Upwards and forwards!!!