About 30 days ago, I began an ambitious goal at the time. The goal was to commit code to Github for 30 consecutive days.

I'm happy to say that I did it and this is what I learnt.

The first couple of days or so it wasn't  difficult, however on the fifth day I found it bothersome  as I had other commitments in my life, but I pushed through a committed a small piece of code.

Around the 15th day, it became part of my daily routine, shower, brush, commit!.  I learnt more about git version control and learnt more about coding. I felt a sense of accomplishment each time I pushed a piece of code to a repo.

Whenever I found myself stuck on a project, I would take a break from the project and start a new one or do a programming challenge such as a project eulur problem. This allowed me to stay on track.

I feel like I've become a better developer and proved to myself that I can code for 30 days straight. A little confidence can go a long way.

Now I can't imagine not using a version control software in my personal projects, there are too many benefits and few downside.

github 2015-01-07 13.14.41